Matthew James Melville Lannon

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Matthew James Melville Lannon, known as James or as Spanner, was born in Raigmore Hospital,  Inverness on 5th April 1960.  He was the son of Matthew Joseph Lannon and Annie Isabella Fraser Lannon (ms Melville) and brother to Allan and Ian.  James passed away on 14 October 2012 at just 52 years of age.


When James arrived back from Raigmore and was placed on the couch in 17 Millicent Avenue, Golspie my first impression was that this new baby looked remarkably like cousin Cecil (Eekie). For the first two or three years I was very proud of him but could not really take him anywhere very far.  However, as he got older and I obtained my driving licence there were more opportunities to get out and about. He came out with me to all sorts of interesting places and often on fairly routine trips like a visit to the local shops.

James aged 7 weeks